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On November 11, the Haga Hospital in The Hague was the scene of the BIM Showcase event by BIMcollab, Beecot, BIM4All and BIMlink. The four providers of BIM services jointly organized a live demo of BIM and Facility Management. More than 200 interested professionals from various disciplines of the construction sector were impressed.

This session was led by BIM Captain Rob Roef, who moderated the discussions and live demo on stage. Customer Haga Hospital first outlined how they have set up their FM process. The visitors then were presented with a live BIM case and they put their questions to the parties on stage. The various parties on stage then showed their place in this process. The demo showed clearly how BIM and Augmented Reality (AR) generate more efficiency for Facility Management.

The process

BIM4All is the supplier of the models and showed the 3D installation model. Next came the BIMCollab issue management application that detected and then registered issues between the models. As a real estate file, managing director Roy van der Velden from BIMlink showed how data from BIM4All and BIMcollab can easily be found in the DMC. He also showed how the information is made accessible to other applications using APIs. Finally, Beecot demonstrated their AR application. That app streamed live information from BIMlink in AR and thereby validated the model in realtime. Linked documents in BIMlink, like supplier and maintenance instructions, could be viewed directly on the work floor down to object level through the API link between Beecot and BIMlink.

On-site validation

Beecot also showed that issue management can be applied in a live environment by checking the streamed model live and identifying issues (errors). Beecot made a live BCF issue, including photo and text, and sent it to BIMcollab and BIM4All. Content partner BIM4All then repaired the issue in the model and signed it off in BIMcollab. This model was then loaded into BIMlink, after which Beecot showed that the issue had been resolved and that the information in the system matched reality again. This demonstrated the process of information validation and the circle was complete.

Value for Facility Management

The insight into this process during the live demo was an eye-opener for many visitors. The demo clarified to many that validating displayed information and the automated processing of issues in many organizations could be even simpler and more efficient. Many had never seen the use of AR in practical application and created a wow effect.

Future-proof solution

Users of buildings must be inconvenienced as little as possible by maintenance work or calamities. This applies in general, but especially in hospitals. Organizations must therefore be able to detect problems quickly and adequately, and find the correct and validated information to solve those problems quickly. This also contributes to a pleasant living and working environment in buildings. Precisely this is the task of the coworking of the applications shown to ensure a future-proof solution.

The recording of the session can be seen via this link. The aftermovie is at the bottom of this article. More information? Contact Ed den Boer.

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