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See all the materials in building information files

BIMlink and Madaster simplify the exchange of information about materials used in buildings. The companies have developed an integration between their own platforms with the building files of customers. BIM models from the BIMlink platform can also be placed in Madaster’s systems with one action. In this way, all data from a construction project, including aspect models, remain constantly synchronized.

Madaster registers materials and buildings, such as allotment and land ownership at the cadastre. Materials thus become traceable and remain infinitely available. From Madaster everyone can create a web-based materials passport of their building. A materials passport contains a lot of information about the quality, origin and location of materials and provides insight into the circularity and financial (residual) value of a building.

The new link between BIMlink and Madaster offers customers a number of clear advantages. Madaster users now also have easy access to data that is not recorded in a BIM model, but appears in reports, documentation or communication, because BIMlink works with unambiguous building files. In addition, BIMlink’s 3D viewer can also directly show where a material is located in the building.

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BIMlink and Madaster create easy insight in use of materials in building files

BIMlink and Madaster have simplified the exchange of information about materials used in buildings. The companies have created a link between their platforms and the building records of clients. In…