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BIMlink has developed a connector that allows users of the online building platform to easily read data in Power BI. With the BIMlink Power BI Connector, no technical knowledge is required to connect Power BI and BIMlink. With this API connection, BIMlink customers can easily develop reports and dashboards that provide insights into their BIMlink data. With the settings, they can determine which data they would like to be visualized and how.

BIM data

The cloud building file of BIMlink provides a wealth of information. Not only drawings and documents are stored in our database, but also the 3D models. The geometry and properties of all objects from Revit and IFC files can be stored 1 on 1 in the BIMlink database. With the Power BI Connector, all BIM information is quickly and easily accessible for all stakeholders.

Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service from Microsoft. Power BI is user-friendly and makes it easy to build interactive dashboards based on linked data. Users of Microsoft Office and Excel will recognize the familiar interface. In addition, Power BI uses the same Power Query functionalities from Excel.

Application integration

For the management of buildings and real estate, building owners use a number of applications, each of which has qualities in its own field. The building file on BIMlink is the basis of building management and various applications can use with this online building file to access the data in the BIMlink database. With the new API from BIMlink, users can easily exchange data between the various third parties applications. Because all data refers to the same source, it only needs to be managed in one place.

Safe and convenient

The BIMlink API uses authorization standard OAuth 2.0. Confidential information, like personal data and passwords, does not need to be passed on with tokens. With the Power BI Connector, users can easily log in to BIMlink and establish a connection. The authorization model of BIMlink remains valid so users only have access to the projects and data for which they are authorized in our web application.

Combine and share

An important advantage of the API connection with Power BI is the users’ ability to make data transparent. With the Power BI Connector, they always work with BIMlink data in Microsoft Office 365 of their own organization. In this way, they can not only analyze their own building file in BIMlink, but also link it to other data sources and software systems within their organization. This allows team members to easily share their own insights with colleagues.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Bespoke design reports and dashboards to your liking
  • No technical knowledge of APIs required
  • Refresh all data at the touch of a button
  • A secure data exchange
  • Combine BIMlink data with you own data sources
  • Share dashboards within your organization

Watch a short video for an impression of the new connector with Power BI.