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The module Workflows in BIMlink’s online building file platform simplifies the management of documents and data about buildings and construction projects. In the past months, this tool has been improved so that all partners in a building or construction project can work together even more efficiently and effectively. In the coming period, BIMlink will be working on the further expansion and development of new features.

Automating processes

The BIMlink Workflows tool is ideally suited to manage large amounts of data and documents about buildings and construction projects. The intuitive interface of BIMlink’s module Workflows makes it easy and accessible to turn every process in a construction project into an automated workflow. There are standard blocks for various tasks, including checks, approvals, stamping and notifications. Determine the order, deadlines and conditions of the steps yourself. Workflows will then automatically monitor progress and coordinate all tasks. The progress of the workflow is always transparent and can be recorded in clear reports.

Tailor-made workflow

Every project is unique. Depending on the agreements, documents go through their own process. The flow of a document can differ per discipline or type in the same project. Within a project, users can create an unlimited number of workflows. Every workflow contains the requirements that documents should meet in order to enter the workflow. All fields with metadata can be included in these requirements.

Stay in control

The intuitive user interface makes it very easy to set up the process yourself. The number of steps in a workflow is unlimited. For each step you can choose from one or more standard blocks: checks, approval, stamping or notification. Some blocks have a variable outcome. An approval, for example, has the outcome “approved” or “rejected”. This way it is possible to set a different follow-up step for each outcome. This way, documents can follow a very specific route.

BIMlink monitors progress

A workflow is automatically started on all new documents immediately after upload. All control and assessment tasks are assigned to the responsible person. The system keeps track of the deadlines and collects any comments. The progress of all documents in a workflow can be accessed in a clear report.


BIMlink is continuously working on the development of the application. For Workflows there are two major features on the roadmap. First, it will be possible to create comments or drawings directly in the application. Secondly we’re working on applying Workflows to 3D objects. This would allow specific parts of the 3D model to be released, rather than an entire aspect model.

All benefits at a glance:
  • Control the process: record processes clearly in a clear diagram.
  • Deadlines: the system independently monitors all deadlines.
  • Flexible: determine the order, deadlines and conditions yourself.
  • Reporting: generate full reports on the progress.

More information: BIMlink

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