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BIMlink is launching a BCF 3D viewer with which issues from BIMcollab are now also immediately visible in online 3D models in BIMlink. The new connection is immediately available for customers of BIMlink and BIMcollab.

BIMlink has had a connection with KUBUS‘ issue management platform BIMcollab Cloud for some time now. Thanks to the new link with BIMlink, it is now also possible to make BIMcollab issues visible directly and in 3D for all project partners in the building file of a construction project. The new feature ensures that selected issues can be opened directly from the module Communication in the 3D model in BIMlink.

By making issues visible in 3D, it is immediately clear where the issue is located and what it is about. Users can therefore quickly create and follow up joint questionnaires and action lists, including attachments. They can also save the complete reporting of issues, such as minutes of construction meetings, in the Communication module of BIMlink. This way, all building information is always available in the cloud.

Issues on location

With the new link between BIMlink and BIMcollab, users can also create and edit issues on location. BIMlink has an integration with the Beecot Fieldapp for this with which users can solve issues in projects more efficiently and quickly.

Insight into issues in BIM models

With the issue management platform BIMcollab Cloud from the Dutch software company KUBUS, users can store, share and solve the issues in BIM models in a structured and central way. The platform is built on the open standards IFC and BCF and contains all relevant information for effective communication about BIM models. Issues can be coordinated directly from common BIM tools, such as Archicad, Revit, Navisworks, Solibri and BIMcollab ZOOM. With the project reports and audit trail of BIMcollab Cloud, project partners are always aware of the most up-to-date issue information.

More information: BIMlink / BIMcollab

See how the link with BIMcollab is used in the Hettenheuvelweg project of Super-C / Certitudo Capital in the video below.

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