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BIMlink has developed a 3D viewer that allows users to view BIM models in a browser from the online building database. The new viewer has been developed in-house and is fully integrated into the web application. By streaming objects, even the largest and heaviest models can be viewed quickly and easily in 3D. This April, the functionality of the new viewer will be available for all customers in the 3D objects module of BIMlink.

A building consists of thousands of elements, each with dozens of unique properties in the form of parameters. Therefore a BIM model of a building contains a wealth of information. However, it can be a challenge for many companies to access all that data in a well-organized manner. Now this is possible in the online platform of BIMlink through a new 3D viewer that has specifically been developed for this goal.

The BIMlink building file collects all building elements from the BIM models that customers store in the central database of the Dutch company. This way, users and project partners always have access to the most recent information about the building and they can make changes in real time. The new 3D objects module is offers easier online access to all objects in a building. All their properties can then easily be stored and consulted online.

3D viewer

Users of the BIMlink building file have been able to choose a number of views, like lists or in 2D maps when consulting the objects. With the new viewer, they can now also view a BIM model in 3D which is accessible in all browsers. The objects are streamed to the 3D viewer so even the largest and heaviest BIM models can be viewed quickly and easily. Users can make cropping by building, floor or category. Each object is linked to documents or communication items that can be accessed immediately.


Some advantages of the new 3D viewer

  • Fast – the BIM viewer is fast and works in the browser
  • BIM database – all project partners always look at the same BIM object in one database
  • File creation – customers can consult linked documents, certificates, manuals and guarantees in the as-built file
  • APIs – customers can also view and edit BIM objects with third-party software using the API developed by BIMlink and project partners

Collaboration with DeltaPi

BIMlink has developed the engine of the online 3D Viewer together with the company DeltaPi. “The collaboration also allows us to upload and display entire BIM models to the BIMlink online database through a bi-directional link between DeltaPi and BIMlink,” says BIMlink managing director Roy van der Velden. “The DeltaPi Project Manager is a powerful tool to check and correct models before uploading them to BIMlink. Moreover, any corrections can be written back into the Revit file.”


BIMlink is an online platform that provides all project partners in the construction and management of buildings with easy and fast access to their building file. All documents, drawings and models about all life phases of the building are available online 24/7 in a safe and structured way for involved stakeholders. BIMlink consists of modules that are adapted to the life cycle of a building; from design and construction to use and management. In this way, clients can choose the modules with the functionality they need for their tasks in the project, per user group or team members. If customers prefer to work with third-party software, they can link via the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that BIMlink has developed with partners. In the future, BIMlink will set up more API agreements.


Because of the modular design of BIMlink, companies can choose which modules certain employees need for their work. This way, customers only pay for modules they purchase. The new 3D viewer is part of the module 3D objects.

More information about the BIMlink modules and in the module 3D objects.


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