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BIMlink launched a completely updated version of its platform for online building files this week. The BIMlink cloud platform is ideally suited for all parties involved in building and managing buildings. With the current major update, companies can even better bridge the gap between the complex reality of BIM and their need for information about their buildings.

BIMlink streamlines the collaboration and communication between all parties involved in the development, design, construction and management of buildings. All project partners can optimally work together via the BIMlink platform in joint building files. They can view, edit and check documents and information based on their roles in a project. BIMlink is designed and built in a modular structure, so companies can choose modules for team members so they can access the information that is relevant to them and that supports them with their tasks in the construction process.

Vision of BIMlink

The online platform BIMlink is an initiative of managing director Roy van der Velden and is in extensive use at various large customers since December 2015. BIMlink has been developed based on many years of experience with daily practice in the construction sector. “The amount and complexity of information about buildings is growing at lightning speed and that makes creating and structuring one central source of information crucial”, says Van der Velden. “BIMlink is that central information point that allows all experts involved in the life span of the building quick and easy access to the correct information about a building.”

Project partners

BIMlink is ideal for all project partners involved in the process of constructing and managing buildings. The most important user groups of BIMlink are:

  • Project development: building owners, project developers and governments
  • Design: architects, engineers and advisors
  • Construction: construction and installation companies
  • Building management: governments, housing associations, education and healthcare institutions

Employees and team members of BIMlink customers only have access to information that is relevant to them and with which they need to be able to act on immediately. This keeps costs clear and guarantees streamlined processes.


BIMlink also works with various third parties in the construction industry and adjacent disciplines. This collaboration makes the platform a versatile tool for all parties involved in a building. “An example of our collaboration is the API that we developed so the FMIS software of building managers can easily retrieve and share information through platform”, says Van der Velden.