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BIMlink has connected its cloud platform for building files to the interactive planning tool KYP Project, as of 1 February 2021. Via an API it is now possible to link the digital planning and associated tasks from KYP Project to the elements in the 3D BIM model in BIMlink. By directly linking the model and planning, customers can plan their construction projects more efficiently.

Good planning is essential for any construction project to meet the deadline on time. This is very important to ensure that all necessary materials are delivered in a specific order, used in the project and to update the progress in the planning. This requires extensive knowledge of the construction process, the materials and the equipment that is used. With the connection between BIMlink and KYP Project, this process is very transparent and very simple.

The status of the project at a glance

KYP Project digitizes project planning so that every party involved always and everywhere has insight in the current status of the project. BIMlink is an open platform for creating and managing digital real estate files. With the new API link between KYP Project and BIMlink, customers of both companies now have online access to their BIM models, they can see the status of the planned work and all project partners can work together better. All team members have insight in the planned tasks, the finished work and what still needs to be done. It is also possible to select objects in the 3D model and adjust the planning in KYP Project as desired. This will clarify the skill set, used material and the planned duration of assigned tasks for each object.

Interactive planning

Many smaller and large construction and maintenance companies are now enthusiastic users of the interactive planning tool of the Dutch company KYP Project. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, many building executives, planners and C-level management with construction firms like Dura Vermeer, BAM, Koopmans/TBI, Aan de Stegge and Nijhuis are already using this software.

By construction for construction

KYP Project is a tool developed by the construction industry for the construction industry. Many functions have adopted after feedback from users. “Increasingly, we are getting questions about the possibilities of visualizing the planning in the 3D BIM model”, says Rick Remmelzwaal, account manager of KYP Project. “This was impossible until we could use and integrate the visualization capabilities of BIMlink. Our customers want to create an overview for the planned and finished work and this is now possible, and more! ”

Readily available

The connection between BIMlink and KYP Project has been extensively tested and is operational. Customers of the KYP Project and the BIMlink platform will have access to the joint functionality from February 1, 2021.

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