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BIMlink and CSN Group have improved the collaboration between project partners in construction projects. By integrating the platforms of BIMlink and BIM Workspace of CSN Group, all stakeholders in a construction project have access to their published building data. Companies are able to collaborate more efficiently and improve the quality of published building files.

BIM Workspace is a powerful virtual desktop in the cloud, where all necessary BIM and CAD applications can be installed. BIMlink is an online building file and is suitable for accessing, managing and archiving information during every phase of the life cycle of buildings. By integrating BIM Workspace and BIMlink, customers can collaborate more efficiently and improve the quality of the published building file.

ISO 19650

The international standard NEN-EN-ISO 19650 is regarded worldwide as the standard for the management of digital information in the life cycle of construction projects. The standard describes a Common Data Environment (CDE) with four areas: work area, joint area, publication area and archive. BIMlink’s cloud application is suitable as a publication area and includes an archive. CSN Group’s BIM Workspace supports the other two stages; the joint area and work area. By useing BIM Workspace with the integrated BIMlink cloud, all project partners can implement ISO 19650.

Collaborate integrally

BIM is a way of integrally cooperating among partners in the construction industry. BIM Workspace is a device-independent IT platform that optimally supports the BIM process. By centralizing project data and applications in a secure environment, stakeholders always have access to the correct project data and applications. This makes the BIM process more efficient and successful. Fewer extracts are exchanged, and thus failure costs will decrease. Intellectual property is better protected, because data is no longer exchanged. In addition, BIM Workspace users pay-per-use, have transparent IT costs and can easily scale up and down the number and types of workplaces.

Joint project data

Within the BIMlink cloud, all shared documents and models can be exchanged on a common project server. This way, the data remains within the secure project environment and no longer ends up in different company networks. As a result, users no longer have to wait for the download and upload of large models. Therefore, all project partners always access the most current version of the project partner models. In addition, each project partner receives its own protected storage to store their work before it is shared.

Delta Pi Project Manager

The Delta Pi Project Manager ties in well with the control of data as described in the ISO standard and helps project partners in BIM Workspace to efficiently access and manage the data from BIM models. The tool provides a simple graphical representation of 3D models and helps quickly searching for data. It is a powerful tool to check and correct geometric properties with separate responsibilities on data and geometry. With the Project Manager, the aspect models can also easily be published on the online application of BIMlink.

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