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BIMlink has developed a connection between its own online platform for storing and managing of building information and the BriefBuilder software. With the new link, building requirements can now easily be integrated in the online building file of a 3D BIM-model. This is important because the requirements form the heart of the design of buildings. In addition, users can check the level of compliancy of the 3D model with preset requirements.

The new connection between BriefBuilder and BIMlink ensures that all requirements of a construction project are visible in the 3D building models. By simply clicking on an object in the BIM model, all design data and requirements for this object are now also visible in building files on the BIMlink platform. The link between BIMlink and the BriefBuilder software works based on an API, so team members in a construction project always have up-to-date information.

Test plan

In addition to the building requirements, a test plan has been included in BriefBuilder. For each requirement, this test plan can indicate when and how to test, what proof is expected and who is responsible. The progress of this process is clearly displayed in dashboards. In addition to the requirements, the progress of the verification process can therefore also be monitored via BIMlink.